Sales Pitch

The Sales Pitch contains semi-technical BFG feature information.

Installing BFG

To install BFG, read the instructions within the  install documentation.

Browsing and Obtaining Development BFG Code

Browse BFG and related software via the SVN Repository Browser.

To check out the BFG trunk via Subversion, use this command:

svn co repoze.bfg

Continuous Integration

A  Hudson CI display for BFG and other Repoze software is available.

a  buildbot for BFG is provided by Securactive.


If you want to collaborate on BFG development, you may become a contributor. To find out how to become a contributor to BFG, please see the  contributor's page.

Related Software

Although BFG itself is a minimal framework, we have developed several pieces of code which can be useful to you when developing with BFG. Note that they are not BFG specific. Most of them can be used as middleware on a WSGI stack, so they could be used on any Python web application. See the  Repoze website for more information.


See the Roadmap for information about BFG release and feature planning.